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Company Profile

Dalian CMI Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2006. It combines the fields of international and domestic trade, sales consulting, measurement and calibration and maintenance services and more as the parent company of an integrated entity of companies.

The company currently employs 76 people (currently the largest company in  North-East China among similar companies) and with an average age of 28 years it is a young and dynamic organization. The mixture of young and experienced employees in every department gives the company a strong and sustainable foundation and is a source of inspiration.

We believe in a "people-oriented" way of running our business, concentrating on our highly capable employees, emphasizing humane management and seizing the opportunity to establish a strong marketing network. We continue to work hard in order to improve our already meticulous aftersales service and provide our customers with first-class quality service

Starting from a few million in annual sales when establishing the company in 2006 we are proud to announce to have reached 30 million yuan in annual sales today. As we constantly strive to improve ourselves, we work hard to stay ahead in this still growing market and deliver the best service possible to our customers.