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Japan Mitutoyo measuring instrument maintenance considerations

1 meter power after Japan's Mitutoyo every day , with alcohol ( ethanol, 99.97% ) to clean marble marble table and column section . Note: Do not use alcohol to wipe the drive box enclosure, because part of the surface casing is spray paint and easily from a chemical reaction with alcohol wipe easily affect the aesthetic appearance .

2 Note that the marble table T -slot , screw and guide column ( column behind the metal part ) of the rust column regularly oiled especially when long vacation must pay attention to . Specific methods : You can spray WD40 over the place , after more than five minutes, with airlaid excess WD40 clean .

3 when not in use , the probe should be placed in a dedicated Stylus Remove probe box.

4 Japan Mitutoyo measuring instrument requires periodic inspection voltage power supply , please user equipment maintenance professionals with specific methods : check the voltage value is between 110 ~ ~ 240Vac voltage fluctuations are within the allowable range of L-?? - FireWire , N - zero line , E - pick wires and voltage phase sequence is correct ?

5 whether the external power supply UPS uninterruptible power protection device ? ( Must be installed ) , when the control box in order to prevent circuit board damage the computer and electronic components and peak voltage power transmission caused by sudden power failure .

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